Millennium Mid-Autumn Mooncakes 2024

by Award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant


Orchard Hotel Singapore

442 Orchard Road Singapore 238879



Lunar Elegance: Mid-Autumn Treasures
Renowned for their delicate texture and vibrant flavours, our Millennium Mooncakes offer an exquisite harmony with luscious fillings, where each bite reveals a medley of refined charm.

The sustainable craft box with its natural finish doubles as a perfect keepsake. Embracing tradition, it also artfully houses an enchanting lantern, adding a touch of festivity to your celebration.


Early Bird Mooncake Promotion
up to 20% off till 2 Sep 2024


View Mooncake Brochure here




Traditional Mooncake White Lotus
White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar)
Traditional Mooncake White Lotus Single Yolk White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk with Macadamia Nuts
Traditional Mooncake White Lotus Double Yolk White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk with Macadamia Nuts
Traditional Mooncake Seeds of Harmony Seeds of Harmony
(Assorted Nuts)
Traditional Mooncake Black Sesame with Melon Seeds Black Sesame with Melon Seed
**New Flavour 2024



Snowskin Mooncake Premium 100 AAA Grade MSW Mao Shan Wang
**New Flavour 2024
Snowskin Mooncake White Lotus with Champagne Ganache White Lotus Paste & Champagne Ganache
Snowskin Mooncake Crunchy Pistachio Chocolate Crunch Pistachio Chocolate
**New Flavour 2024
Snowskin Mooncake Lemon Lychee Lychee & Lemon
**New Flavour 2024
Snowskin Mooncake Southern Jujube with Almond Flakes and Sakura Ganache Southern Jujube with Almond Flakes and Sakura Ganache
**New Flavour 2024



Lunar Luxury: Exquisite Gift Selections

Savour the essence of time-honoured festivities that transcend generations with our mooncakes that are meticulously crafted, boasting a rich flavourful filling encased in a golden-brown crust.

Complementing the mooncakes is our 16 Years Aged Premium Pu’er Tea, a prized gem steeped in tradition and complexity. With each sip comes a depth of flavour and subtle earthy notes, perfectly harmonizing with the sweetness of the mooncakes.


Early Bird Teapot Collection Promotion
15% off till 17 Sep 2024
Promotion is valid with participating credit cards, for walk-in only.


Lantern Lantern with Candle
**Complimentary for every purchase
Traditional Mooncake Teapot Collection Signature / Artistic / Exquisite Teapot Collection
**Limited Edition
Traditional Mooncakes Traditional Treasures Gift Box
Snowskin Mooncakes Mix Box Mini Snowskin Treasures Gift Box



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Terms & Conditions

  • Limited time offer of 20% is only valid for orders placed from now till 02 September 2024.
  • Not valid with other ongoing promotions, offers, discounts, privilege card(s), loyalty programme or in-house offers, unless otherwise stated.
  • Available for Self-Collection only (01 August - 17 September 2024, 12pm to 8pm, at Beast & Butterflies).
  • Visuals are for illustration purposes only.
  • No cancellations/refunds allowed once the orders have been placed.
  • All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars and subjected to service charge and prevailing government taxes.
  • Other Terms & Conditions apply* 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are mooncakes sold prepared by the hotel?
    Yes, mooncakes are prepared by the hotel using recipes crafted by Master Chef Chung Lap Fai

  2. How do I store my mooncakes?
    Baked mooncakes should be stored in cool, dry place (22-24°C). 
    Snow skin mooncakes should be refrigerated (3-4°C). 

  3. What mooncakes are recommended for corporate gifting?
    Our Signature Baked Mooncakes are best for gifting as it is a widely popular option. The relative ease of storage makes the 
    Signature Baked Mooncakes ideal for gifting and bulk arrangements. 

  4. Do your mooncakes contain nuts and/or nut products?
    The Signature Baked Mooncakes contain nut or traces of nuts.

  5. Are the mooncakes Halal certified?
    No, Hua Ting Mooncakes are not Halal certified. However, the mooncakes do not contain pork/lard.

  6. May I collect my mooncakes at the hotel?
    Yes, mooncakes may be collected from the Orchard Hotel’s lobby kiosk from 1 August 2024.

  7. How long may I keep my mooncakes for?
    Baked mooncakes – kindly refer to the expiry date printed on the individual mooncake packaging
    Snow skin mooncakes are best consumed within 3 days of collection (when stored between 3-5°C).

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